Company Defined Management Decision Support


………. Applied Data Research is an individual-owned business that works with companies operating within the business-to-business sector within the Northern New England region, providing company defined management decision support. ADR works with the management of these companies creating user-defined information resources, business segment summaries, customer/prospect analysis, market activity advisories, and assessments of the competitive landscape – knowledge that is designed to address key operational questions while providing strategic guidance. 

Company Defined Management Decision SupportADR’s services are developed on a consultative basis with company management and designed to address the specific near-term information requirements of their company, with the aim of providing decision makers with essential knowledge, as defined by them, that allows them to refine and execute their business plans and achieve their financial targets

The Value ADR Provides to Management

Each day billions of management decisions are made based upon a combination of acquired knowledge, experience, intuition and Company Defined Management Decision Supportfactual information. Because it is constantly changing, information and data are the key variables in the quality of business decisions. Recognizing this, companies and their managers have systems in place to provide company decision makers with the operational data they need – through financial reports, ERP systems, marketing and sales summaries and forecasts, and so on. These MIS resources are good at what they’re designed to do – provide managers with a snapshot of the business at a point in time, and are essential in the daily tactical decision process. 

Our value is in what we can provide to help managers makes sense of what’s happening in the air space above the daily operational flow. We can help answer questions like:

  • Are we adequately protected against key sourcing shortages?
  • How do our customers view us relative to our competition?
  • How do our supply chain costs compare with industry benchmarks?
  • Do we understand the evolving needs of our key customers?
  • Does our product development plan accurately reflect future market conditions?
  • What can we do to improve our customer retention?
  • Are we on track to obsolete our products before our competitors do?