The Business of Detection

AppliedĀ computing_steps190Data Research is a Boston area-based technology assessment and analysis firm focused on providing market insight and strategic direction to business decision makers within the chemical and biochemical sensing industry. The information tools we provide contain comprehensive and timely data on specific technology, device and market segments, and are created and designed to provide market participants with a clear view of this evolving market segment.


What We Do

We deliver our knowledge franchise through concise market appraisals, company analysis, and technology reports. Our publications are designed, researched and written to provide timely and insightful information and data on focused market segments, with the aim of providing management decision makers with the essential knowledge necessary to refine and execute their development and marketing plans and achieve their financial targets.


Our ReportsĀ 

Our reports are carefully researched and written to provide timely and insightful analysis of key factors and developments shaping the research community and the commercial marketplace for chemical and biochemical sensors Graph100_67and sensing. The focused nature of our publications is designed to allow readers to identify business opportunities in selected markets. Numerous charts, tables and graphs complement the text, with evaluationsĀ and assessments of current and probable future market developments, technology issues and business factors – information necessary to compete effectively in the global chemical detection marketplace.