Microstructure and Nanostructure Technology Consulting

Applied computing_steps190Data Research is a Boston area-based technology assessment firm providing consulting services to developers, manufacturers and marketers of engineered microstructure- and nanostructure-based devices, products and services.

Micro- and nanomechanical structures are becoming pervasive, and demand for them is accompanied by demand for new micro- and nanofabrication tools. Many microstructuring techniques are based on the technologies of microelectronics (lithography and etching technique, thin film technology). Currently, these technologies are being complemented by LIGA-technique, laser ablation, micro-electrical-discharge machining (EDM) or micro cutting techniques. To meet the increasing requirements for microsystem technology concerning functional design (shape variation, extension of the material spectrum) as well as the cost-efficient manufacturing, existing technologies must be improved and new technologies (microforming) must be introduced.

We work with the technology leaders and decision makers of companies and organizations operating within this market sector, providing insight, market knowledge and strategic direction that aids them in their pursuit of their objectives.