Information Tools for Decision Makers

………. Applied Data Research is a Boston area-based business information analytics firm providing advanced information tools for decision makers. Our products assist market participants in achieving their business objectives through the creation of data products that allow users to query, computing_steps190view, visualize and understand complex data sets related to their industry and markets. ADR’s products and services are designed, developed and created to provide timely and insightful information and data on focused market segments, with the aim of providing decision makers with the essential knowledge to refine and execute their marketing plans and financial targets. ……….


New Information Tool Programs and Products

 Business Insight -> Better Business Decisions

Information tools that enhance operationally important information by adding associative functionality can reveal insights about relationships, trends, opportunities and risks that can prove essential to an effective management decision process. Using software tools and programs, we work with company managers to add incremental value to key data about their businesses and markets.

For business decision makers, effectively visualizing and interpreting information and market data can uncover opportunities and lead to improved results for a number of essential business activities. Data discovery tools can also help provide the answers to questions businesses attempt to answer every day.


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